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Your donations can be tax deductible. 

Glix for the Arts is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to nurture and support the art of filmmaking.


Our mission is to provide free guidance, support and resources to upcoming filmmakers, helping them to create memorable video content and make a mark in the entertainment industry.


Glix for the Arts is an inclusive community that welcomes all creative people regardless of age, disability, gender identity, race, colour or ethnic and national origins, religion or belief, or sexual orientation. We are all volunteers united by the passion to create. 


Talent and crew donate their time to be part of our projects, and companies and organizations provide soft and cash donatios to help us create memorable video content. 


Thanks to our donors contributions, we are able to produce each of the Glix for the Arts projects and help a filmmaker see his/her vision come to completion. 

monetary contributions

We welcome all contributions. Your donations help us cover the hard expenses, like wardrobe rentals, props, set pieces, etc.  All donations can be tax deductible. 


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We rely on the generous contributions from our community to create amazing content. Every project needs soft donations in the form of:

  • Equipment: Camera, Grip, Electric & Sound equipment

  • Food: Lunch to feed the cast and crew during production

  • Craft services: drinks and snacks for those long filming days

  • Production supplies: chairs, tables, trash bins, copy paper, tents, portable restrooms, etc

  • Locations: a place where we can film and make magic, it can be a house, a business, an office, sound stage, etc. 

  • Wardrobe: the clothes that make our actors look like our characters

  • Set pieces: Props and pieces that help us make the sets look real


Soft donations can be tax deductible, it can be in the form of an item donation, or a rental fee waived. When you make a soft donation, you become a project sponsor and your company's information and logo will apprear on the film's credits, you'll receive a copy of the film and you'll be contributing to the art of filmmaking. 

soft donations

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