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We are a team of creative, professional and hardworking people uniting our passion and talent to develop and create memorable content that is relevant and appealing to a broad audience.


From conception to completion, we create original, compelling and unique stories, that entertain and engage audiences.


Our passion for storytelling and filmmaking makes us go above and beyond to produce high quality films on independent budgets.


We believe in teamwork and collaboration. We strive to build long lasting relationships with producers, directors, writers, talent and donors, pooling strengths together to create content that will be memorable, relevant and unique. 

Glix for the Arts welcomes new and experienced filmmakers with a passion to create remarkable video content and make a mark in the community. From development to completion, Glix for the Arts provides guidance and resources to produce content that showcases the filmmaker’s vision and unique voice.


Following the Glix for the Arts guidelines, filmmakers submit their projects for production consideration by the means of a “Director’s pitch”. Glix for the Arts reviews each project and once approved, schedules for principal photography the approved pitches.


Each member gets the opportunity to have at least one of his/her projects produced per year. Filmmakers are required to volunteer their time in at least three projects before submitting to have their own content produced.


Glix Entertainment Inc., acts as the associated production company, donating production resources in the means of labor, equipment, and insurance to the Glix for the Arts Community. This allows us to help the filmmakers develop and create high production value on limited budgets.


From pre-production to post production Glix for the Arts facilitates the filmmaker’s journey.





join us!

The more the merrier! At Glix for the Arts, everyone is welcome!


If you are an aspiring Director, Producer, Writter, Actor, Production Designer, Sound Recordist, Editor, Make up artist, etc, you can join our artistic community and be part of the Glix for the Arts Movement.


There's no cost to join, no fees, no out of pocket expenses. What we do ask is for all team members to volunteeer their time and help in at least 3 Glix for the Arts projects before your project can be submitted for production. 

to join:

a) you must read and accept our guidelines 

b) send us your resume and/or portfolio to

c) Let us know why you would be a great addition to the team (1 page personal statement) 


Success! Message received.

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